Merry Christmas! How’s yours? :)


Christmas has finally come! It is the most awaited time of the year. It is also the most celebrated occasion of our family. Christmas is about spreading good cheer, spending time with our family, sharing, caring and giving. The celebration always serves as a yearly mini family reunion, since our family is a huge extended family congregate. Our relatives who are working abroad are the ones who sponsor most of the finances for the party. We’re very thankful for them. Teehee! Our party is always celebrated in our ancestral house, where everyone’s able to go because it’s just in the neighborhood.

Our party started with a prayer, of course, and then proceeded with the games. The prepared games are for the kids, teens and young adults, and for the adults. It was really fun. Everybody’s cooperating. Here are some photos:

The kids love dancing Chachacha and Gangnam Style!





We also had a Christmas party in our church. It’s also a gift giving program for the kids.


Very cute neon glow lights!


Christmas isn’t complete without a Noche Buena. Our Noche Buena remained simple like as what we had in the past Christmases, a simple family dinner just enough to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.



“Other things may change us,
but we START and END with family.”
– Anthony Brandt

The most important things in life aren’t things. The most important things in life are – faith, friends and family.

The most important things in life are the relationships we have with others, the tender moments we share, the service we give and making a positive difference in the world around us.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year!


Hand-Gripped Wants



Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, we cannot have all the things we want. But we always have that option to work hard to have it, or just forget it and be affected by the negative opinions of others.

I, like everybody else, have dreams, and one of my dreams is to be a ballerina. When I was a kid, my number one dream is to be a prima ballerina. That dream was not erased in my heart and my mind until now that I am already a teenager. I used to be a ballerina when I was in grade school, but my enthusiasm in dancing fade away when I got busy as I enter the gates of High School. But yes, I missed dancing.  So now that I’m in college, I’m always hoping that I could still pursue my dancing, especially ballet, and continue chasing after my dream.


Another dream of mine is of course, to have a stable job in the future so that I can help my family, and also to sustain theirs and my needs. As the eldest child in the family, my parents inculcated in my mind that I’m the one who’s going to help them financially in the future, and that’s a small way of helping them in exchange with what they’ve done for me.


To have my own car and my own house in the future is also my dream, just like everybody. With a stable job, I believe that I can have my own car and my own house! I’m excited!!


And finally, as for now, my dream is to be a model. With practice and trainings in the future, I believe that I could be one.


All of our dreams are actually just an arm-length reach; with perseverance, heart, and faith.

My family’s enough for me :) (My Unforgettable Moment :”>)


“Among the outlandish cultural values that Filipinos pride themselves of is their so-called “close family ties.” As a child, I was taught that Filipinos are “unique” because they care for their family and kin at a level of closeness that is rarely observed or practiced in other cultures or races. (Asians and Hispanics in general are closely knit.) It is a cultural tradition that is valued and evidenced by our fondness for family reunions during secular and religious holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s eve parties, All Saints’ Day, Holy Week, fiestas, homecomings, birthdays, weddings, graduations, baptisms, house blessings, wakes, funerals and almost every conceivable excuse to celebrate and feast. (Shared among former Hispanic colonies.)” – from

Hello, everyone! This is my first post here in 🙂

As what the selection above says, us Filipinos are proud of having close family ties. I, myself, love my family so much. I love going on outings and hanging out with them. Here are some of our family pictures:

Trip to Baguio City and Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

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No matter what will happen to us, we will just end up with the same family; same family that will love and care for us unconditionally. We may not have the most precious things in the world, we may not have all the luxuries we wish for, but we can have the most valuable moments in life that will surely last a lifetime. 🙂