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Hand-Gripped Wants



Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, we cannot have all the things we want. But we always have that option to work hard to have it, or just forget it and be affected by the negative opinions of others.

I, like everybody else, have dreams, and one of my dreams is to be a ballerina. When I was a kid, my number one dream is to be a prima ballerina. That dream was not erased in my heart and my mind until now that I am already a teenager. I used to be a ballerina when I was in grade school, but my enthusiasm in dancing fade away when I got busy as I enter the gates of High School. But yes, I missed dancing.  So now that I’m in college, I’m always hoping that I could still pursue my dancing, especially ballet, and continue chasing after my dream.


Another dream of mine is of course, to have a stable job in the future so that I can help my family, and also to sustain theirs and my needs. As the eldest child in the family, my parents inculcated in my mind that I’m the one who’s going to help them financially in the future, and that’s a small way of helping them in exchange with what they’ve done for me.


To have my own car and my own house in the future is also my dream, just like everybody. With a stable job, I believe that I can have my own car and my own house! I’m excited!!


And finally, as for now, my dream is to be a model. With practice and trainings in the future, I believe that I could be one.


All of our dreams are actually just an arm-length reach; with perseverance, heart, and faith.